POWER Tools - (E-book) COMING AUGUST 2019

The Artistian Group

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POWER TOOLS is a little volume written with the intended purpose of inspirational stimulation. Packed with priceless gems crafted to help those of us who've forgotten or all-together do not know, how valuable we really are. Power isn't reserved only for the rich, famous or aesthetically pleasing. In fact, some of the aforementioned tremendously struggle to find the kind of power that can not be bought or taken away...Mind Power. In this book you will find tools and techniques for understanding and conquering some of life's most difficult problems such as poverty, low self-esteem, racism, betrayal, jealousy, failure and death just to name a few. The most valuable mind coin in the world is the knowledge that what one wishes for...is really only a persistent choice away. 

Get rich quick by reading and embedding these Power tools into your everyday life.

Mind Money. I dare you to secure the bag.