BUY exclusive use beats directly from yours truly!

Hip-Hop, Pop, and R&B are my specialty so browse through my catalog of fresh tracks and select the ones that speak to you and your project!

I do not LEASE beats posted on my website. Exclusive buys only!

When you are interested in buying a beat, you will go to the contact link at the top of the page and send me a direct message with the name of the track(s) in the message and your email/contact info.

I will email you back a two-page agreement that lays out all the terms of the sale and once you sign it, scan and upload, you will email that back to me.

After I have your signed agreement, I will then send you an invoice which you will settle and once I receive full payment, I will send you the zip file containing all individual stems of the beat AND the two-track.

You will be the only one who has use of the track. I do not re-sell beats to multiple artists.

I do NOT sell my publishing rights and you will never OWN my beats. However, you will be the only artist given the exclusive right to record on, make edits to, promote, perform live and sell as accompaniment with your original audio content.

You do NOT have the right to re-sell my instrumental track after you purchase the rights to exclusive use. 

I will always retain the right to use any beats I sell; for promotions and advertising purposes such as background music in videos I post or tutorial videos involving beat production.

With all that being said, happy listening and I wish you all amazing artistic success!!

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