HEY MR.! (Ebook) (Available 08/2024)

HEY MR.! (Ebook) (Available 08/2024)

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Where men don't wanna know, women can't help but investigate!

So many women are left dazed, confused and heart broken by the fickle and forever flighty emotional nature of the male species. We can totally have our shit together, focused on building our empire and living our best life. And then some Manboy comes along and completely causes us to do an absolute about face to the point that we don't even recognize ourselves anymore. 

Love is a losing game they say...and sometimes....I AGREE.

In this book I break down the many ways in which women interpret the actions of a man and I even give real life experiences that blind-sighted the hell out of me and a few of my close friends when it came to games of the heart.

I quote the late comedian/actor Patrice O'neal because he was one of the inspirations behind my decision to create this book. There are just too many ways in which men and women fundamentally do not 'GET' each other; so my intention is to try to bridge the gap as best as possible.