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International Artistry Playbook - "The Blueprint" E-book

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International Artistry Playbook "The Blueprint" is a book written for Musicians, Dancers, DJ's, Athletes and all Creative and Performing artists who wish to travel the world and make money through their creativity.

It teaches the artists the fundamentals of gigging abroad in a clear and concise way. This book is a must read for all artist who are serious about working abroad. It includes bullet points to look for when you get your first contract to perform internationally, how to properly prepare yourself physically, financially and mentally before venturing abroad, where to look and what to do in order to find the best creative opportunities for you and your level of skill and performance tips for artists to be the best version of themselves while sharing their talents on the world stage.

Phoenyx Novelle considers herself an International citizen and is compassionate about educating fellow artists on the importance of conducting business professionally for long term borderless employment. She speaks about her humble beginnings and gets real about the mistakes she made while gigging abroad early in her career so future artists don't have to do it the hard way.

Ms. Novelle has your best interest at heart and I can promise if you heed her counsel, you will become better prepared to tackle each and every dream you dare to dream!

Summer Rona- CEO of Summertime Entertainment