The Traveling Singer's Survival Guide (Ebook)

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This book is the road map to success for a traveling singer. From outlining the most powerful strategies to prepare for and score great gigs, to learning how to make the best of every performance opportunity by creating harmonious band dynamics; Phoenyx Novelle teaches you the business of international artistry.

With over ten years abroad as a singer/dj and entertainment manager, she shares personal highs and lows of giging on the world stage.

If you're a singer and you have questions like "Do I need an agent to book gigs abroad? Do I need to pay taxes on money I make as a singer in a foreign country? What's the best remedy to take care of my voice while singing full-time? Where can I find great gigs and how can I stand out from the competition? Then look no further because this book answers all the above and so much more.

Get a copy today and you'll be well on your way!