Phoenyx Novelle- A New Gyrl Reborn

Phoenyx Novelle was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and attended the Creative and Performing Arts high school as a vocal major. Since the age of five she has been singing and performing. Phoenyx is most notably known as a singer/songwriter, but those who know her well know that she wears many more hats than those. Phoenyx is an up and coming producer and fashion designer whose determination and drive is kin to none.
In 2002 she graduated from the school of performing arts and immediately started singing back up for Philadelphia native singer, songwriter, Corey Latif Williams. She has performed overseas in China, U.A.E, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Morocco and is currently on a 6-month tour in Singapore.

Phoenyx has met a myriad of performing artists and has come to realize that anything is possible if you truly believe in yourself. Phoenyx has also worked with other artists and producers in the music industry such as Marc Nelson, Zukhan Bey, Dre and Vidal, Trevor Job, Jake Carter, and Lionel Job to name a few.

Phoenyx Novelle co wrote a song with Marc Nelson that Howard Hewett later recorded for his album entitled “If Only” released in 2007.

Phoenyx has always been fascinated with music, especially the production and technicality of it. The way it all came together reminded her of an intricate math problem that is finally realized.

She was actually able to put her production skills to the test when she found herself writing to producer’s tracks, only to find that they did not like what she was doing or they sold the beat to someone else to make some quick cash.
Frustrated and fed up, she put an MPC2000XL on layaway and was able to pay it off and walk away as the proud owner five months later.

One of the reasons why Phoenyx is so ambitious and driven is because of her mother who unfortunately passed away at the tender age of 32.
Phoenyx was only 9 years old and the last present her mother had given her for her birthday was a typewriter.

Not realizing what to do with it, she didn’t use it for about a year and finally something came out of her that made her understand the gifts meaning……Poetry.
The poetry she had written later turned into songs and spawned the beginning of a phenomenal story teller.

Phoenyx is truly a force to be reckoned with because she is creating masterpieces and changing the game for artists to come!