12 Band Commandments (The musician's edition) E-book

12 Band Commandments (The musician's edition) E-book

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12 Band Commandments is a concise survival guide for all musicians. I have worked in the music industry as a cover-band singer and artist booking agent for over 10 years and in my time working with other creatives, I've finally narrowed down the most helpful 12 tips for a "worry-free" gig.

Included you will also find my 'Musician's On Gigs' comic series, an additional "12 Ghetto Fabulous band commandments" and you'll get to peruse through a bedazzled photoshoot featuring yours truly on and off stage.

Some of my commandments are pretty useful for anyone, so whether you sing, dance, play an instrument or sit at a desk, apply my guidelines for a more peaceful and drama free experience in your personal and professional life.